Manual workshop

Do you want to make amazing craft things? You can use your free time and come to our event!

We had manual workshop about how to make hands shape flower’s pots. I was coordinator of this event and I was leading participants how to make this flower’s pot. I shared my experience how to work with gypsum, because it is not easy to make something from gypsum because not so flexible. During workshop I was helping each participants to make easy why and took out from gloves without break.

When it was already dray they decorated flower’s pot which colors they wanted. We have manual workshop every two weeks, where participant can create some nice things like decorations for your house. Each time we create different things. Last week we made Spring decorations: hand made with gyps for keeping flowers, Participants are always satisfied and they enjoy our event. If you want to join us, follow our page on facebook and CIM Horyzonty webpage.