Beka - report

Week of I came back from Mid Term training which took place in Torun. Training was about our future, it was time when I had possibility to exchange my experiences with other EVS volunteers.

After this I started hard working in office, from Monday to Friday we had new ideas, well done works and nice atmosphere. Monday we had group meeting at the office. We were discussing about our future activities, upcoming meetings and workshops. Also on Monday we made presentation about a social action which was already done and were speaking about this action.

On Tuesday, as usually , I had English lessons in Krag. I have to say that I am so proud of my students because they are really good in English :) I have new two new students and they are so motivated.

On Wednesday was really important day. We presented our activities and work in Krang and CIM Horyzonty got prize from local government.
“Thanks to CIM Horyzonty for the kindness and commitment in realization of events in the area of Lazarus estate. “ – says our prize. :)

On Friday we had amazing “Pierogi Party”. Almost all members of CIM Horyzonty and our friends met together and we cooked different types of Pierogi. It was really good evening. We had fun and enjoyed a lot :)