Beka - report

18-22 March

Time passes so quickly. It’s already 7 months of my EVS and there are a lot of things which happened during last week and that’s my pleasure to share with you. 

On Monday, as usually, we had group meeting in the organization. We talked about our upcoming meetings and planed next month. After this meeting we went to the Library of Fairy Tales, where we had opportunity got to know Kamishibai, this is a form of Japanese street theater and storytelling. The girls from this amazing library presented us one story, which was really interesting.

Tuesday was important day. We had special guests from “ Foundation Prof. Bronislaw Geremek Centre ”, they presented workshop about “European Education”. Presenters made presentation of researches which showed us knowledge of Polish people about Europe and European union. They also shared with us educational tools which used during workshops with young people in schools and other educational institution throughout Poland. This workshop helped me to figure out what polish people think about European union and how important is do this kind workshops for young people.

After the workshop I had English lesson for seniors. After improved of listening skills we started speaking. I gave to my students new topic and they were supposed to talk about this topic. I can say that they were really good in this case and they try their best. I am so proud of them!
On Tuesday we celebrated our Galician boy’s birthday. We surprised him, went to his place with cake and started singing of Happy birthday song  He was really happy and we enjoyed a lot.

Wednesday is the day when I have got working hours in the office. During my working hours I did a lot if things. I created offline schedule for all of us, this is calendar where everybody can see what we do during the month, all meeting, activates, and workshops are visible.

On Thursday we went to “Marsz Na Tak”. We joined local people and celebrated with them the First day of spring, World Day of People with Down Syndrome and Butterfly Day. We met at Square of Two Crosses and walked to Liberty Square. At this event I got a lot of positive emotions and feelings.

On Friday we met in Zemsta. CIM HORYZONTY planned to make an action which was focusing on equality for women. The event called “Equality for Woman, Focusing on the History Writing by Women.” Five women authors shared us their experiences and stories. The event was connected to the international week against of the discrimination.