Emma - report

My week started as always with the group meeting on Monday. We reflected on the intercultural evening, that happened last Friday. Afterwards I stayed in the office for my working hours.

The next day, I met with a girl for a language tandem and gave my language class. In the evening, I had a meeting with my new mentor Flora, who just returned from Spain.
On Wednesday, me and Keti went to the primary school and because it was such nice weather, we went outside. After the primary school, I facilitated a workshop about Easter Origami in Krąg for adults. We also invited two volunteers from Jeden świat, which I met there for the first time.

This Thursday was quite busy. In the morning, I went to the social school to make a creative workshop with the 3rd grade in German. Then I was at home to eat something, but only for an hour because we had a meeting at the office and afterwards leisure time in the Primary school, where we played outside again. We also had eco-workshops in the Social Garden for the first time. First we were afraid nobody would come but in the end there were some kids as you can see in the pictures. All in all, it was a lot of fun. Right after this, started the Latino gym with Alvaro in Krąg. It was also the first time this activity happened and it went really well. The last activity of the day was the Polish Cafe, this time with the topic travelling.
On Friday I went again to the social school to support the teachers in the German classes. In the afternoon we gathered in the Social garden to clean it, to water the plants and to plant new ones. The weather was really nice and we were a lot of people, so it didn't take too long and we had fun while cleaning.