Ketevan - report

Hey, I am Keti and I would like to summarize last week. It was little busy week. As always we started on Monday – we had group meeting where we discussed plans for this week. On Wednesday till Friday we had different activities in Social school. We had activities about Human Rights, Japan Theatre and Summer Camp Activity. It was quite nice because children were active, they were interested in workshops and we had also good feedback from children and teachers. 

In this week we had Netherlands county presentation in Krag. They cooked their traditional dish, it was so delicious. In the end of the presentation they gave flowers to Polish seniors. It was so nice evening.

In this week the most important day was Friday because we had intercultural evening for seniors and foreign students. To make it in really nice way we wanted to make it in party way. Before they came we decorated all room with balloons and butterflies. We had snacks and juice, and I cooked Georgian traditional food – khachapuri (ხაჭაპური). We had some activites for seniors in this party. Firstly there was competition about Georgian, Spanish and German history, culture and countries, our guests had to answer some questions. We were also dancing with our guests Zumba and some other dances! This evening we had also Polish language café, which took place before intercultural evening. In this place seniors and foreigners were speaking together. Seniors were really helpful and patient when talking. This all evening was very nice and our guests were very happy. After intercultural evening we did our little private party in the city center ;)