Mikel report - march


Hello to everyone!

After the last weeks collecting ideas in different events as Impact Poznan and discovering the Polish mountains, we started preparing the upcoming events for the next months with Ula.

This week Saray was coming back to Spain in a surprise trip for his family and friends, so I was helping a bit more on her tasks, taking her Spanish lessons for this week. On Tuesday I went with Alexandra to Żegrze 1 highschool quite far from Łazarz. It was my first time there and I found very nice and energetic students and teachers. We prepare some sportive games for the English class and after that I was introducing the Basque culture and playing some games in Spanish with the 25 students of the class; yes, a lot.

On Thursday we were meeting with different people in order to organize some events under the name of Łazart. We were discussing the possible workshops and the best way to develop cultural activities in Łazarz. For that, we were discussing between people with different profiles as painters, one graphic designer student and other volunteers. Stay tuned for further updates of this event ;)

Apart from that, we were also preparing the culinary workshop, the first one of two on March, to show the Spanish and Basque culture at Krąg. I prepare a presentation and also we made “tortilla de patatas” and “sangria” It was a great evening and also the people were asking a lot of question about the St James way. Thanks a lot to Kaśka, Kamila, Ula and Filip for helping me to prepare the event.

We are also preparing an intercultural evening called “Live Stories” to discuss about the different kinds of discrimination and prejudices. For that, we are inviting people who want to share their experiences and learning to discuss about the discrimination and hot topics nowadays in Poland. We are waiting for you the Thursday 22nd at the Inkubator kultury Pireus, Głogowska 35!

Have a nice week/weekend!