Mikel report - November

Hello again!! Our third month in Poznan is almost finish and it has been busiest than the previous ones. Samuele and I went to promote the EVS experience in a high school trying to explain the basis and how to apply for it. We also were answering the questions of the students about this programme and giving them our point of view. I think that we went in all the classes of that high school so I am pretty sure that someone would go abroad.

Besides, we have been in other centre showing to the the students the importance of English to communicate in a foreign country and with an intercultural group. We were practicing our incredible polish accent and knowing more about polish culture. I guess that we will come back to that high school soon to do some activities.

Alexandra and Saray, for their part, were to a primary school to do some language workshops and games with children. They were with three classes teaching Spanish and French in a non formal way, as doing speaking games and activities connected with their culture. One class also made a cake for them so I guess that the children were very excited with them.

Furthermore, this month we planned start with some open workshops in the district. Ula help us a lot with the communication and finding the place to do it. Thank you for the scheduling Ula!!! :D We started the last week with origami, bracelet and creative bags and we have two more workshops the next week. The people were interested and we could spend a nice time with them.

Today we have the “Międzykulturowy Wieczór Integracyjny” event at Krąg so everyone is welcome it’s going to be full of music, food and activities. We will wait for you at 7 pm in the district centre.

Nothing more to say, I am enjoying a lot the time here.

¡Nos vemos muchachos!

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