Relacja Flory z Bułgarii

Hi people, today I felt that I need to share with You my feelings and thoughts about my EVS adventure  in Sofia – in the beautiful Bulgaria. So, last time I had a lot of work. I made a video about ‘Tolerance in Art’: this was a good lesson for me and now I feel more confident to show by video my ideas. From 28.11 until  1.12 my project was on mid- term. This training was organized by National Agency for volunteers which are on the middle point of their program. There, we spoke about communication, ours plan after EVS and how making a personal project and using our skills to improve ourselves. Right now, I have the opportunity to create the illustrations for an education, child book and I am so excited. I feel excited because I feel like my “mission” as an artist is on the right course. This experience is giving me space for reflections: I come to think that in this type of program like EVS everything can happen, but You have to know what You want to do and start to take action. Volunteering programs like this are perfect for searching Your purpose of life. Actually, I realized that I have only two months to make inspired things, projects, meetings. This was an amazing chance to improved myself. Dear future volunteer, remember You have host organization, and also a sending one. They have a list of contacts that can help You. Also, You will have friends from all around the world that can support You, and, most importantly, You have Yourself. You will be in another country and communication in not native language will surely get you out of your comfort zone- I know this is hard, even frightening- maybe, reading those lines, your stomach is squeezing. ‘’Oh, I can not make it, I can not go to a country which I don’t know, this project  is not for me because my studies were not related to the topic…’’ I know you are thinking this. But, please, stop it: stop this voice in Your head. Believe me- even if you may feel fear at some point, everything is worthy: because  this experience will give you memories, skills and people which You can call friends.

I will be honest, I don’t want to finish this great adventure: I want more, much more. I search next project for going on with my plan. I have a lot of ideas for books, for festivals- for using my skills in the next project, in the next adventures! Is simple, I notice this when I made my workshops about hate speech. Yes, is really important to have Your own style of working. I am an abstract artist and my project in Open Space Foundation is related witch hate speech. When I came, in the beginning, I was only painting. So, for my personal project, I decided to make something else but keep my-own crazy way which still is comfortable for me. I started to think: “ok, I have experience in my life with art, performances and theatre, so I can use all of this”. I made workshops about problems in communication. I organized a workshop for 12 people, they had to scream in different positions, witch closed eyes or  putting emotions in their bodies. Remember that everything what You have done before in your life can make You a better volunteer.

How  Maria said to me (she is a coach I meet on mid-term) ‘”Listen to Your Intuicion”: If You feel that a project is for You, apply and be brave to take your action and try to make the world a better place. I took the risk and I never will regret it. I am only a little sad because EVS is something that you can do only once in your life!