Samuele report

Ciao a tutti!

Here is Samuele again. December has already come and the first snow of the winter came with it, while we start our fourth month of EVS. The activities are getting more day after day: workshops, lessons, activities in schools; in addition this month we will host the “Roots of Hate” training right in Poznan, in which people from different countries will meet to talk about the spreading of the racial hate in this historical period.

Plus, until the 10 of December everyone will have the chance to write letters in the letter marathon “Write For Rights” organized by Amnesty International. The goal is to support the fight to free people put unfairly in jail in different countries all around the world. Everyone will be able to know the different stories and reasons of why this people have been prisoned, and write and send letters to this Government to free and to give moral support to the hostages.

This week ha salso been full of “experiments”: we had our first English chat in Primary school in Łazarz, in addition to propose some activities for the children in the leasure time room. It’s a new experience for us,  

Plus, Tuesday was the day of the so waited “Wieczór Międzykulturowy Integracyjny”. With our language classes students and also some outsiders we spent a nice evining singing different countries songs, eating some traditional food and playing a small quiz to check how much people knew about our countries culture, with questions ranging through different topics as gastronomy, history and habits.

Furthermore we carried out some workshops: Alexandra continued her Origami workshop who gained a nice success, while Mikel and I experimented an ” old t-shirts – sprying” workshops using some handmade stencil to paint some illustrations on the t-shirts with spries. Good idea that needs to be better prepared, but at least now we know what to work on. We will also prepare some activities to be carried out in the High School, and keep going with our language courses – that start giving their results!

That’s all for this week