Samuele report - February

Dzień dobry!

Here is Samuele writing again. February has been a very fast month and not only for its shortness. I skipped my Middle-Term training in Torun that was supposed to be at the beginning of this month because of an annoyng fever that lasted almost two weeks. In the meanwhile schools had a winter holydays break here in Greater Poland Region and our association, together with Klub Krąg, prepared a program of activities for children. So while I was struggling against the virus on my bed my teammates were helping our Krąg collaborator Wojciek with the different activities. The program lasted two weeks and I managed to take part of it twice in the second one; waking up at 7 after long time reminded me of when I was young and I had to go to school in Italy. Whatever, the activities were interesting and I found the children interested in the topics, which were Cinema and Theatre. It was very nice to find some children we spend time in the leisure time activities with: they recognized us and they were making questions (of course in Polish) and they seemed happy when we somehow managed to answer them. We also took part in a celebration of the anniversary of the Scouts in Lazarus district, which are connected with Krąg: traditional songs, important scouts with many years and experience behind their back sharing stories (that unluckily I didn’t really understand) and singing songs with guitars in a dark room around candles, in order to recreate the same atmosphere of being in a forest around a fire.

The rest of the activities keep going: the language courses seems to be pretty fine, and I can see some improvements; in addition, Wampek, Ula and I started working about something a bit different from the recent activities..

And after the Christmas break, I finally travelled again: Saray, Alex, Mikel, two other friends and I went on the mountains at the edge of Poland; literally, one step further and you crossed the Slowakian border. We spent there a couple of days in our friend’s house all together, and that was simply awesome. We loughed, we explored the mountains and experienced the COLD (it was -13, that I know it may be even lower but for me was already enough to feel in Siberia) and we tried the real homemade Polish cuisine prepares for us by the lovely hands of our friend’s grandmother and mother. It was really hard to come back.

But here we are, we keep going and soon we will start the culinary workshop of our different nations, so stay tuned and join our activities!

Na razie, a presto belli!