Samuele report - january

Dzień dobry!

Here is Samuele again. It's been a long time since i wrote last time, and many things happened during this whole period, starting from the Christmas break until the coming back to reality and the everyday activities in the association.

After a great journey half shared with my buddy Mikel and half alone, in which I had the opportunity to explore Polish lands and some countries in the surroundings as Lithuania and Latvia,

the month of January has passed almost in silenece. Seems yesterday that I've come back after 15 hours of bus from Riga with new landscapes in my eyes and new experiences behind my back, but times flows very fast and we approach to begin our sixth month of EVS.

As I said, I got the impression that January has passed in silence. It must not be interpretated as bad thing, actually i think I'm very lucky. The comingback was not stressful at all, we had to face some burocratic stuff in the office and restart the activities. About the latter, I've seen an improvement in the learning process of the students and in my personal teaching skills. Honestly at the beginning I was a bit afraid because my first experience with children in Italy was not one of the best of my life, and regarding the lessons with seniors i was afraid that my students would have got bored or given up because of difficulty, but I noticed that after the first period in which I had to get used to, now the classes are somehow enjoyful and the students are interested too.

I even started playing chess with the children of the leisure time ( I usually lose) and try to speak with them in polish, which is kinda funny.

Plus we finally had time to spend some time with Ula, Kacper and Michał outside the association environment tasting the incredible Gzik that they prepared for Mikel and me, followed by a fantastic Ciasto Bananowy Czekoladowy. Thanks to this afternoon that we spent in their place, we discovered that even Ula has feelings.

In the meanwhile the girls were in Toruń for their middle-term training. At the beginning it caused me a nervous breakdown because I was not ready to miss them for one entire week, but then things calmed down and I found myself again. Plus, Next week will be Mikel's and my turn to go to Toruń .

So for now it's all, enjoy your life and keep following us!

Na zdrowie!