Samuele report - may

Ciao belli!

It’s Samuele here reminding you that Cim Horyzonty does stuff! Oh yeah, this was kinda busy week, starting from Monday when apart from the amazing Leisure Time in the Primary School 77 where  we played some sports as Badmington and Football thanks to the good weather, we finally started the so wanted Lazart Graffiti Workshop with headed by our friend and artist Dominik. We started working about ourslef, creating the stencils of our faces to paint on the artistic wall in ul.Hetmanska. Interesting and ispirating work followed by a secnd meeting when we switched to practical task sas spraying our permanent tracks on the Poznan walls.

On Wednesday all of us 4 volunteers plus our incredible coordinator Ula were hosted in the High School in a mistic land called Zegrze. Apart from jokes,  even though just once per month, Alexandra Mikel and Saray’s work there was well appreciated because the first in that school made by foreigners. Different kind of workshops as dance, cooking and quiz took part in the schol with different classes and in different languages. Wednesday was the final meeting where the students prepared some games and gave us some presents as gratitude for the work done giving space to emotional and touching moments when Saray’s eyes started dripping and her faces god papryka-coloured <3 We also had the chance to visit the Rogalik Muzeum, the museum of the famous and unique Poznan Croissant sold especially on Sw. Marcin festivity. There we were shown the history of the croissants and we turned into cooks to prepare some of them and see all the preparation process.

The same afternoon I went to ARS association to have some interactive quiz with children. Our friens Kaska was there with me helping with translation, and we used Kahoot making quiz about Polish and foreign cultures, plus some other topics very important as Pokemon and Disney’s Movies.

This week was also the famous Week of Lazarz district, the “Dni Lazarza”. We prepared some events in some places of the district as Ogrod Lazarz and Park Wilsona. Free barbecue, activities for children and Golden Retrivers were the main attractions plus some dance shows open to everybody. I discovered that painting the faces of the children is quite nice although I made the worst Hello Kitty in the history of the painted Hello Kitties. We also took part in the opening parade and with Szczep Lazarz Scout Teams we played some samba rythms with recycled materials-percussions.

For last week is enough, while we almost start to enjoy the last month of our EVS.

Passo e chiudo,