Sara - report

Times goes by fast

It has already gone six months and half since I arrived here. When I look back to these months I can’t believe how many things have happened and how many experiences I have got. In fact for me, after Christmas I am living as a second period because many things have changed in all the sense from december till march.

In the first place I am living since three weeks ago with different people in the flat. All the flatmates I used to live with them till february they have already gone and I have had to adapt to live with other people that I did not know. That means I notice how my capacity of being adapt to new situation is growing up.

On the other side, the winter is almost gone and the spring is coming, so the plans for weekend are getting better and better. For example I remember as three weeks ago during the weekend the weather was surprisingly so warm. Two delightful sunny days during saturday and sunday and we had around 15 degrees. So I went for a walk to Malta’s Lake with some friends. I had the same sensation that I had walking through Poznan when I arrived in September, when it was warm as well. That is why I think the cities are so different between the winter and the warmer seasons, also the actitudes from the people are so different when the weather encourages to go out.

Furthermore the next week of this weekend I was in the city of Torun attending the mid-training that we have to do just in the middle time of our evs period. As it happened with the arrival training, always these kind of trainings are the best chance for meeting new amazing people from everywhere of the world but also for exchanging different opinion about our evs experience, our work with polish organisations and so on… I enjoy a lot and I liked so much this friendly link that make you feel so close to this new people you do not know deeply but they are like a family for you for one week.

Maybe because all of us had to attend the same activities, then make the same reflexions to answer questions as the expectations of our future; the next steps to take after our evs project; what we still want to get from this experience; the places to visit; and overall, in which directions we would like to keep our personal grow up or if we should think to change a little bit our targets. Which is not a easy task.

In my case I am happy with myself because if I think about my main goal to aim at the beginning of the project, mostly of them are getting close to achieve. For example gain some experience as facilitator of non formal education workshops; or be able to manage by my own event connected to cultural field or feminist issues which it will happen the next week, exactly the friday 22th of March. In addition this month has been so busy, we are preparing a lot of events. For example, finally this week my mate Beka and me will make a workshop about what we learnt in the training in Ljubljana as dissemination of this erasmus plus course that we did in our days off. For the last week of this March we are working on the three session at Social school, where I work on friday, to make some workshops called “ Academy of Important Questions”. I can not wait for that because we will try to make the children aware about human rights through activities.

In addition I have to say that my friends from Madrid have been in Poznan this weekend and I feel a little bit nostalgic. I think it is normal when you spent some time out of your home and country. Always it happens to me in every places where I lived after being more than three months there. But the most important thing is that this experience make me know myself deeply and improve some flaws of myself as be impatient or try to have everything under control...I am still working around on it but I recognize that also here in Poland something is changing inside of me.