Saray report - december

Cześć ludzie!!

Here is Saray and this week it is again my turn to talk about how things are happening here in Poznan. The month of December comes with many surprises, but also a lot of work, so we have entered it with much desire and enthusiasm.

During this last week we have focused largely on the big events to come, firstly, in the Amnesty International writing letters marathon, which ends today with the event that will take place at the Cultural Incubator Piraeus from 10:00 to 22:00. If you haven’t written a letter yet ... what are you waiting for?

Regarding this event, we have carried out many workshops about Human Rights and presentation of the different cases chosen this year by the Amnesty International Foundation, both in schools, the University and the Cultural Center “Krag”.

In the same way we are preparing the big event next week, "Silent night", which consists of singing this same song in all possible languages at the same time. This event will take place next Monday from 17:00 to 18:00 at Stary Rynek, next to the Christmas tree. See you there!

It should be noted that yesterday we welcomed the participants of our training "Roots of hate", from different countries, which we have been preparing with great care and we hope it'll be a good experience for everyone.

In addition, last Thursday my mates and I had a very nice time with the scouts in Wilda, sharing each one of our culture and enriching ourselves of it. Thank you!

And finally I have to mention the English club with the children in school, and the Leisure Time in which we are getting into the Polish language since we have no choice but to try to talk with children, both are developing all right.

Do zobaczenia!!