Saray report - february

Hola chicos!!

I'm Saray and I'll tell you a little about this last week of February. I have to say that the month of February was very cold, to such an extent that I am now cold for a few days ...

It is true that we felt the cold more intensely because the past long weekend, Mikel, Samuele, Alex, our friend Karolina and I have been in a beautiful town called Zubrzyk, with our dear Kaska, who has been great with us and together with their lovely family they have made us feel at home and they have shared with us a bit of their sweet home. Without forgetting the rich dishes of his grandma ... :) :) :) Dziękuję bardzo!! This small town is located in the south of Poland, on the border with Slovakia. The guys went there to ski (I didn't ski, but I had the good fortune to enjoy the wonderful views from the chairlift with the wonderful polar cold I was doing, and I also had the pleasure of seeing the progress of Samuele skiing, as well as photographs everything that I was finding on my way next to Kaska :). Also, in our adventure we took a walk through the mountains, and when I say mountains, I say mountains! Uphill, downhill ... with snow up to the knees ... Sometimes it was a little hard, but finally everything was worth it, because that was incredible, a real paradise, and if you don’t believe me ... look at the pictures!!

Also, in this last week, our dear Filip has prepared an Adobe Reader workshop for us so that we can learn to edit the videos for our vlog, it is complicated but sure thing with practice we'll do it!! By the way, I take the opportunity to announce that as regards the vlog, some changes are coming! So don't miss any detail that I'm sure you'll like, the next video will be coming soon!

In addition, this week we have started the cultutal meetings in Krag, our cultural center. The first one was about France, in which Alexandra shared with us a little about her country, its customs and its delicious food.

Without further ado, I say goodbye sending many virtual hugs for everyone!

Hasta pronto!