Saray report - january

Hello everyone!!

Here is Saray again! Due to some imbalances, some articles have been missed in the months of January and February, and that is why I am going to give you a brief summary of the third week of January, in which there were no articles on my part.

Well, this month came with a lot of work and new projects and we received it with the batteries recharged after the Christmas holidays. This week everything has been normalized with our activities in schools, in the cultural center ... although I would like to emphasize especially, that this week we have begun to know a little more, to work and reflect on the "Youthpass", that memory in which we will shape our acquired learning in order to have everything compiled and detailed so that it will serve as evidence in the future.

Also, I have to say that in that month my parents came to visit me in Poznan for a week, a real gift after five months without seeing them, and we enjoyed very much together! ❤

Na razie!!