Saray report - november

Czesc ludzie!!

We continue our adventure we are more adapted to this new culture, with many projects and ideas to carry out and with many illusions.

As for my personal project, we have started a teenagers club that will take place every Friday, a space where we can share our ideas and do something together. Last Friday was the first day and although not many came, we were able to have a good time with some of them talking and playing some games.

We are also starting with a project related to the district in which we live, LAZARZ, that Samuele is coordinating, and it's about asking people who live here about their impressions about the neighborhood.

Alexandra and I have started to collaborate in a new school where we will go every two weeks to teach Spanish, French and English, although trying to make the classes very dynamic, participatory and experiential, in order to familiarize them with the foreign language and our cultures in a fun and attractive way for them.

Mikel and Samuele have also been in a new school with the aim of promoting the European Volunteering Service, which we are doing now, with the aim of giving them knowledge to encourage them and to try this experience.

Also, last Wednesday we had the pleasure of having a tour around the old city of Poznan so we have to thank Janush for their work and effort to let us know the stories and mysteries that this part of the city hides.

Finally I have to say that our Polish classes are going in a good way, it is getting more complicated, at least for me, to find time to study it, even so I think that we are processing properly and we are already having some initial notions of this wonderful language: D

Without further ado, I send a warm greeting to all readers from this cold but charming city.

Do zobaczenia wkrótce !!