Alvaro Ingles Paz

He is an EVS volunteer from Galicia, the northwestern part of Spain. He is a journalist and video guy but he would rather be a cat and spend all day taking naps. He loves working with people of any age, reading, watching films and eating Japanese food.

Beka Kutivadze

comming soon

Emma Heese

My name is Emma and I'm from Germany. I'm an EVS volunteer. I chose this project because I thought of becoming a teacher. During my EVS, I'd like to learn more about the polish culture and travel through Poland. I like listening to music, dancing and spending time with people, for example with the other volunteers.

Kate Ivanidze

Gamarjoba! I am Keti from Georgia. Why Poland? It is a good question, I want to get to know Polish culture, people and language. I really want to study Polish language and now, when I am here, it is the best chance to do it. I am sure also, this project will increase my confidence and I will be more determined to achieve my goals, for example: being an active and experienced youth worker. I believe, that coming to Poland and taking part EVS project is one of the most valuable things in my life! I want also to share with people my private hobbies – travelling, campings, hiking and drawing :)

Sara Valverde Munoz

My name is Sara and I am come from Spain. I decided to come to Poznan, because I always like meeting new people from different countries, backgrounds, cultures…Also I usually create stranger things, watching weird films and going to alternative theatres. But my real passion is the cheese and looking the clouds.